Sapphire Fue

It is used with micromotors with tips between 0.6- 0.8 mm. Grafts taken in a homogeneous way are transplanted considering the direction of hair growth. Thanks to the method of use and the sharpness of the sapphire tips, the post-sowing healing process develops faster.
After transplanting with Sapphire FUE, people can return to their daily lives, but the newly transplanted hair follicles should be carefully followed. In the first period, contact and impact should be avoided and hair washing should be done 24-48 hours later by the expert team who performed the transplant.

Afterwards, at certain intervals, the patient can wash their hair with a clean shampoo without damaging the hair follicles. Your hair shampoo is very important, especially in the first period. For this reason, you can consult your hair transplantation center for a shampoo recommendation.