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Mustache Transplantation

As in hair transplantation, the donor area is the nape of the person. Since the hair on the nape is more textured than other hair and beard hairs, this is the right address for transplantation. In the same way, FUE (hair follicles are taken one by one with special-tipped micro motors under local anesthesia and transferred meticulously to bald areas, in the direction of natural hair growth angle) after certain procedures, mustache transplantation is performed with this method. Hair follicles taken one by one with the FUE method are transplanted to the open areas of the mustache.

The most effective treatment method for sparse mustaches is mustache transplantation. With the method applied to sparse areas, the mustache tightening process is applied. After mustache transplantation, there is no scar in the nape area where hair follicles are taken or in the area where the mustache is planted. Before the mustache transplantation operation, the areas with stitches or burn scars in that area are closed with the mustache transplantation process.

In the mustache transplantation operation, the planting limit and density are determined in both demand and need regions. The results obtained after sowing performed by expert teams in the field have a very natural appearance.


Ön görüşme
Hastalarımızı misafir ettikten sonra saç durumu hakkında uzmanlar tarafından değerlendirmeye alınır. Hangi tekniklerin uygulanacağı ve beklenilen sonuç hakkında hastalarımıza gerekli bilgiler verildikten sonra operasyonuz başlar.
Preliminary examination
After hosting our patients, they are evaluated by experts about their hair condition. After the necessary information is given to our patients about which techniques will be applied and the expected result, our operation begins.

Purchase process
The donor area is anesthetized with local anesthesia. Then, with the help of a micro-motor-tipped device, the hair follicles are meticulously taken one by one. The procedure is painless and wound healing occurs very quickly. Immediately after removal and control, the grafts are prepared to be transferred directly to the areas to be operated and kept alive with a specially prepared liquid solution until the transplantation process begins.

Sowing process
Sowing channels are created in the area where the planting process will be applied with the help of the micro knife, which we keep in the extremely hygienic area. Then, the grafts taken are carefully transferred to the channels created with the help of a special and disposable sterile forceps. It is important to look as natural as possible. After the procedure is completed, it is carefully checked whether all grafts are placed completely and correctly.

After the operation
After the operation, our patient is given detailed information about the details that he should pay attention to after leaving our hospital. After the completion of the healing process of fine cut wounds, the transplanted hair follicles produce healthy and strong hair. In this way, since the natural appearance is inevitable, the satisfaction of our patients makes us very satisfied in the work we do.

We will be in contact with our representatives, who will contact you after October, in order to dominate the post-operation process. The process is partially completed between 8-12 months. During the process, you can talk to your representative via phone, e-mail, WhatsApp.

Our Prices

We get successful results with the expert staff of our hair transplantation center. The important thing in hair transplantation operations is the hair and tissue structure, but it is necessary to know the reasons for hair loss. We always consider that hair transplantation is an important operation. Many reasons affect the result before and after the operation in hair transplantation. The hair density of the person determines what will be done with the method, the higher the hair density of the patient, the more the root (graft) taken. Although hair transplantation is thought of as a simple procedure by many people, it is a procedure that should be performed under the supervision of plastic surgeons, medical aesthetics and dermatologists.

For this reason, operations should be performed in a well-equipped hospital and in a sterile environment. Institutional hair transplantation centers that comply with hygienic rules should be preferred. We, as World of The Hair, have packages that we offer to our patients coming from abroad, with the management of “maximum grafts, fixed price”. These packages include all the facilities that our guests can stay comfortably in Turkey. We offer a transfer service for our patients who have recently come with their families, with our experienced drivers and our luxury vehicle fleet, which can be carried out in social activities such as city tours, and we combine hair transplantation and touristic trips by offering additional opportunities to our patients. You can get support by filling out the form to contact us or via WhatsApp.

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