Hair Transplantation

What is a Hair Root?

The hair consists of two main parts, the hair root and the hair follicle. The most important part of the hair is the hair root.

Hair structure is available as two types. Hair can be thick or thin and it is also distinguished in terms of condition such as oily, dry and normal.

Who Is Suitable For Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplant treatment is a highly developed as well as a preferred treatment method. Candidates for hair transplantation should be free of any health problems that prevent treatment. Therefore, it is necessary to have a medical examination. Hair transplantation can be applied to people without health problems that prevent this treatment. <br><br>

Hair loss is also caused by factors such as genes, stress, vitamin deficiency and damage from styling. That is why people seek treatment. Hair transplantation treatment can be applied with peace of mind to men and women who are coping with the problem of baldness.

What Hair Transplantation Methods are available?

Hair transplant treatment is a process performed with certain methods. Each process varies according to the needs of the person. Individuals can achieve the look they dream of with these methods, which vary from person to person. The most popular hair transplantation treatment methods are DHI, FUE and SAPPHIRE FUE hair transplantation methods.

How is hair transplantation done?

Hair transplantation treatment is a highly effective treatment method applied to people in line with developing opportunities. People who want to be treated for hair transplantation are first subjected to certain examinations. It is recommended to minimize smoking before hair transplantation.

You can have a robust treatment by following the issues to be considered before treatment. The hair follicles of the individuals are collected one by one in the treatment process. Subsequently they are separated from each other. Grooves are opened on the scalp. Each groove is opened with great care and the separated hair follicles are placed into the opened grooves.

What are the Advantages of Hair Transplantation?

People can get great hair with hair transplantation treatment. Hair transplantation treatment is applied to eliminate the hair problem that has a negative impact on the person in terms of aesthetics. Hair transplant treatment is an extremely advantageous method. Those who undergo this treatment are freed from aesthetic anxiety and regain the sense of self-confidence and status that were negatively affected during this process.

Which months are suitable for hair transplantation?

It would not be correct to distinguish any months for hair transplant treatment. Hair transplantation can be done during the twelve months of the year.

What is the Age Limit for Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is generally not applied to people under the age of thirty. At the same time, hair transplant treatment is not recommended for people whose hair is shedding rapidly.

How Long Does Hair Transplantation Take?

Hair transplant treatment generally takes two hours and the individual returns to his normal life in two days. However, if he wants the procedure to be a, fifteen days are needed.

When are the results of hair transplantation visible?
A period of four months is needed for the first growth to be visible. At the same time, a visible difference is manifested at the end of twelve or eighteen months.
What Kind of Skin Care Should Be Done Before Hair Transplantation?
It is recommended to stop smoking and drinking alcohol before hair transplantation and to stay away from caffeinated beverages and green tea.
How to Wash Hair after Hair Transplantation?
Hair transplant treatment is an extremely good treatment method. There are some issues that people need to know and pay attention to during hair transplantation treatment. The most important issue is way and how hair is washed after the treatment. Crusting can occur on the scalp over time after hair transplantation treatment. Therefore, the scalp should be washed once a day. This way, the hair is free from crusts and can be cleaned.

Comments of People who have had Hair Transplants

It is an extremely effective and permanent procedure. Thank you to everyone involved. So glad to have you.

Thanks to everyone, I got the look I dreamed of with hair transplantation. I love you.

I definitely recommend the procedure, it was an extremely pleasant treatment. Thank you. I was very satisfied.

My hair is even better than before. Thank you to everyone involved. Anyone who needs it can try it.

Although it took a while, I got my hair back. I really like it. I would recommend it to anyone with hair problems.

Hair Transplant Prices 2022

Hair transplantation is a very effective treatment method. One of the issues that those who intend to have this treatment wonder about is the price of hair transplantation. Those who intend to undergo a hair transplant treatment are recommended to have a detailed and comprehensive examination and find an experienced and skilled doctor. A good doctor equals a good treatment, otherwise the person’s health condition can be adversely affected. After prospective doctors with the desired qualifications are found, the one who offers the most affordable price guarantee should be preferred. This way, people can get quality service at the most affordable price. However, another factor affecting the price of hair transplantation is the treatment method and session procedure preferred by the person.

Who and Where are these procedures done?

Hair transplantation treatment performed in certain clinics and hospitals is recommended to be performed by experienced and skilled people and physicians. That is why people should carry out a thorough research before this treatment. It is extremely important to avoid unprofessional businesses and mediocre staff.

How Many Hours does Hair Transplantation take and is it Comfortable?

The treatment method plays an active role among the factors affecting the duration of hair transplantation treatment. In the FUT method, the process takes three or four hours, while in the FUE technique, the duration varies between six or twelve hours depending on the transplanted area. This issue is highly influenced by the thickness of the patient’s hair and the area to be transplanted.

Is Pain or Discomfort Felt during a Hair Transplant procedure?

Pain or discomfort is not felt before hair transplantation. The reason for this is the applied local anesthesia. Local anesthesia is applied to the front of the head before the grooves are opened which means that pain is not an issue.

How Many Days Should I Allocate for a Hair Transplant procedure?

Those intending to have a hair transplant operation should allocate week for themselves and do what needs to be done beforehand. At the same time, a period of fourteen days after the treatment will be sufficient.

How Many Years Does a Hair Transplant Last?

One of the issues that people who intend to have hair transplantation treatment wonder about is how long the impact of the hair transplantation will last. After the grafts are taken from the genetically non-shedding hair on the nape of the neck and applied, the person’s hair does not shed for life.

What is sedation?

Sedation is one of the drugs administered to relieve problems such as fear, concern and anxiety before certain treatments. While these drugs are sometimes taken orally, sometimes they are injected into the  body.

Do I Have to Get Sedation?

Sedation is a preferred treatment procedure for the relaxation of the person and thus contributes to diminishing fear and anxiety. Therefore, sedation is required in some surgical procedures.

Is Hair Transplant Harmful?

Hair transplantation treatment, which is performed under appropriate conditions, is not harmful. Only some short-term side effects and minor risks can be possible issues.

Hair Transplantation